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At Grace Health & Rehab Center, enriching experiences are part of everyday life.

Step into our activities studio and into a wellness journey like no other. Our experienced team believes that wellbeing extends beyond physical health, exercise and nutrition disciplines. It is the fusion of physical, mental and spiritual components that contributes to the overall definition of health.

Our residents have the opportunity to make unforgettable moments every single day. Wellness calls for a wide range of regular social activities, with more popular ones including arts and crafts, religious services, resident council meetings, community outings and much more. Our programs are tailored to provide something engaging for everyone, and we are flexible in accommodating residents with a variety of elements to harmonize the body.

Over the course of a week, residents have the opportunity to experience group fitness classes every Monday through Friday. Here’s a look into a few of our custom-built programs, prompting a collision of fun, fitness and friends:

  • Morning exercise includes Sittercise, Bend & Stretch and Fun & Fit. Participants embark on adventures as audio commands prompt movement resembling swimming, climbing, chopping wood, milking cows and more. Creative activity is also therapy for the mind. It relieves stress, increases and renews brain function and improves mood.
  • Some prefer to dance the day away using the Wii, ultramodern technology where one watches his / her exact movement through an avatar on the screen, and in fact, this game is over before it starts as folks are motivated to move and stretch without realizing how hard they are working.
  • Traditional sports and games, such as ring toss and balloon volleyball, mean that we all walk away winners. Did you know that reaching up to hit a balloon works on arm strength and upper extremity range of motion as well as working on the movements for trunk and shoulder stability? These programs are also great for visual tracking and motor skills and can cultivate a social life as teamwork is inevitable.

Chances are good that creative activity is happening somewhere within our community at this very moment. Our residents’ avid curiosity pushes us to seek and plan new events and experiences. There’s too much to celebrate!

For more than 38 years, Grace Health & Rehab Center has increasingly embraced this comprehensive approach. Follow and engage with us on Facebook for daily insights into wellness programs, including special gatherings, tips, resident stories and more.